An example of how Prodema provides great design and energy efficiency to any building

Architecture has shown for several decades that not only the most expensive and exclusive projects are destined to have clever and attractive designs. Fortunately, there are more and more buildings of all kinds that have bold approaches and typical of the times we live. Architecture studios today undertake global projects that take into account factors […]

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An unforgettable day with Alex Anmahian

  During the last four months, the first edition of the International Architecture Biennial (Mugak) –of which PRODEMA has been a sponsor– took place in the city of San Sebastian. An edition that was closed last Friday, January 26th by Iñaki Arriola, Counselor of Environment and Housing of the Basque Government, who did not hesitate […]

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The change that took place 25 years ago at Prodema

  Today we inaugurate this blog to bring you closer to the day-to-day reality of PRODEMA. And as a start, we want to tell you the story of how in this 2017 that has just ended, 25 years have passed since an event that decisively changed this company. Our company was founded on October 24, […]

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