Natural Wood Exteriors. ProdEX Material.

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The characteristics of natural wood.

ProdEX panels are veneered with 100% natural wood. Each piece is unique, each grain is special: no two panels are identical. These qualities can be observed when sunlight reflects off the wood's fibers and unlike other exterior wood products ProdEX is maintenance free.

Variations in color, tone, and shine on different panels employing the same wood type.

Transversal mirror images in the wood.

Darker areas inherent to the natural wood.

Knots and holes left by the branches.

Natural qualities.

A panel can appear totally different depending on the degree of natural light that shines on the surface.

Panel composition.

ProdEX panels have a bakelite core covered with a natural wood veneer that is specially treated to ensure maximum resistance.

We have developed an exterior PVDF film with non-stick qualities in order to achieve a maximum level of care for the wood, ensuring panels are protected from moisture, rain, sunlight, and even the build-up of dirt on the panel's surface.

Main characteristics

The different layers of materials give the panel its unique qualities:


  • ProdEX natural wood panels do not need the regular maintenance other woods for exterior require.


  • ProdEX panels offer the design world the possibility to create natural, living facades with a wide range of tones and creative options available..

Resistance and durability:

  • ProdEX panels are the perfect material for cladding facades thanks to the panel's technical qualities. The panel's bakelite core means it is possible to adjust the panel's thickness and its subsequent technical qualities making prodex the ideal solution for all types of projects.
  • ProdEX panels are extremely hard, rendering them perfectly resistant to continuous exposure to sunlight and sharp changes in temperature and humidity.
  • They also offer a high level of durability against termite attacks and maximum resistance to vandalism.
  • ProdEX panels also offer excellent dimensional stability.

Anti graffiti:

  • The outer chemical non-stick layer impregnated into ProdEX panels prevents aerosol paint from sticking permanently to the surface.

Fire classification:

  • On request, panels may be supplied with different reactions to fire in line with standard EN 13.501-1:
    • ProdEX C - s2, d0
    • ProdEX IGN B - s2, d0
    • ProdEX FIREPROOF B - s1, d0
  • This European standard awards classifications for the reaction to fire of all construction products.
  • Classes A1 & A2 are reserved for inert materials such as glass, stone or metal.
  • Flammable construction products are categorized from class B to class F, the highest being class B
  • Products may also receive an additional classification:
    • Smoke production: classified from s1 to s3, with s1 being the highest class.
    • Drops/particle in flames: classified s1 to s3, with s1 being the highest class.


  • The PVDF surface prevents dust and all kinds of dirt from sticking to the panel surface, ensuring ease of maintenance and cleaning.


ProdEX panels are extremely versatile and can be cut into any shape or size to adapt to the needs of all projects. Just follow the cutting instructions set out in the technical catalogue.

Panel dimensions:

Lenght x width: 2.440 mm x 1.220 mm


Prodema panels are unique pieces of natural wood. No two panels are the same: they all offer subtle variations in tone, above all in direct sunlight falls on their fibers, producing different tones in the natural grain.

Rotary cut woods.

Dark Brown

Light Brown




Deep Brown


New colors

Mounting systems


This is the most common mounting system employed with ProdEX panels: simple, strong and more cost-effective than other systems. Although the screws and rivets are visible, they are lacquered in the same color as the panels. Meaning that they can barely be seen, they are actually invisible just a short distance from the wall. Their impact on the façade is minimal and they do not affect the natural appearance of the façade in any way.


The concealed fixing system, available for both walls and ceilings makes the mounting system completely invisible to the human eye. It is perfect for use in areas which require a completely smooth and level surface.

Walls: exposed.

Walls: concealed.

Suspended ceiling: concealed fixings.

Suspended ceiling: visible fixings.

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