Aspen Art Museum

637 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

Building design by Shigeru Ban Pritzker Laureat 2014

The Aspen Art Museum it is located in the city of Aspen, in the State of Colorado, U.S.A. This non-profit organization aims to present the most innovative and important evolutions in international contemporary art, due to this, the museum itself is a work of art created by the renowned architect Shigeu Ban, winner of the Pritzker 2014, the same year that this project was finalized.

The structure was originally built for the Hunter Creek power station in 1888, and it became a historical building over the years. It was in June 1979 when it reopened its doors renamed as Visual Art Center, and later as the contemporary art museum that it is today.

This project is based on transparency and open views, giving those inside the opportunity to see the outside and inviting those outside to engage with the indoor of the building. The style of the building reminds us of a wicker basket thanks to the naturalness and firmness that the wood panels Prodema ProdEX provides.

Aspen Art Museum Prodema ProdEX 8mm. Rustik_1 - ProdEX, Rustik Aspen Art Museum Prodema ProdEX 8mm. Rustik_2 - ProdEX, Rustik Aspen Art Museum Prodema ProdEX 8mm. Rustik_3 - ProdEX, Rustik