Technical Area

We at PRODEMA S.A. are proud to present the new Technical Area here on our renewed webpage, with all the most up-to-date technical news and information concerning PRODEMA's products.

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In this new Technical Area you will find a wide range of useful information when working with PRODEMA products such as:

  • A brand new Technical Area, with interesting posts on all technical aspects of PRODEMA, from products to projects and covering both the ProdEX and ProdIN ranges, the natural wood, ventilated fa├žades, etc...
  • A wide range of new downloads with information in dwg and pdf formats covering all the different constructive kits presented by PRODEMA in our catalogues
  • Important information on the products and their constructive kits such as the Declaration of Performance, Technical Data Sheets, the instruction booklet written in four languages and much more information placed in a clear and intelligible manner.

All information, documents and other files will be introduced gradually so in the meantime we recommend you to stay tuned and to look at both PRODEMA's web page and this brand new Technical Area.

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Of course, any information which is not yet included in this new section of the webpage can always be requested, we are pleased to receive any feedback and answer any question.