Technical Area

ProdEX is a construction kit for the cladding of ventilated façades made up of natural wood panels and the corresponding substructure. Each panel consists of a high density bakelite core, clad in a veneer of natural wood with a surface treated with synthetic resin and an exterior PVDF film, which lends greater durability to the panels, with anti-adherent properties, to protect the panel from solar radiation, atmospheric agents, dirt and the attacks of chemical products (anti-graffiti). Due to its high resistance, it does not require the typical maintenance of other woods for exteriors.

Riverpoint apartments ProdEX 8mm. Rustik 2 - ProdEX, Rustik

ProdEX panels are unique, no two are alike, each grain is different, which explains the difference in tone between them and which gives it a natural and authentic appearance that can be appreciated in the reflection of the light on its wood fibers.

At Prodema, we have invested a large part of our resources in constantly improving the quality of our products, subsequently obtaining different certificates of trials performed at independent laboratories.