Available the new visible fixing installation video

Prodema presents the extensive audiovisual guide that explores the most used system: the visible fixing system with screws.

The new video shows step by step the speed, simplicity and versatility offered by the installation of ProdEX panels to achieve the best final result. It is a studied installation process that is the result of the experience of years of collaboration between Prodema and the installers, for which we always work in order to optimize the assembly techniques of our panels.

Our installation systems allow us to use natural wood adapted to the most advanced ways of building of today. Thus, the ventilated facade system that we bet on all our installations offers a multitude of benefits in terms of energy efficiency, thanks to the help provided by the ProdEX system to the thermal transmittance of the construction system.

Likewise, the result of the research and development of the materials applied to the surface of the panels means that they require no maintenance. All this with the best aesthetics of the natural wood of ProdEX.