The first anniversary of Prodema USA is celebrated

Prodema's American journey began shortly after the arrival of the new century in the United States. Our product was first marketed by Warren Cirulnick from Artexture+. Almost two decades later, they are still representatives of Prodema.

Since those beginnings on the other side of the Ocean, our Sales Network has been growing and with it, our business in the USA. When the time came, Prodema decided to go one step further and open a permanent office in the United States. A fully American company that manages the entire business from Miami.

That is why, this September, 2019 marks the first anniversary of the creation of Prodema USA, a company that arrived a year ago to the United States to stay and with the ambition to improve customer service and local relationship with our extensive Sales Network, improving quality and service times. A service with coverage to the US and Canada from the Miami office.

Congratulations on this first anniversary to Elizabeth Rubiano, Ane Larrinaga, Walter García, Noel López, with Unai Cuadrado at the head of the team, whom we wish to continue to reap success.