Natural Wood Beauty

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The company

Here at Prodema we are convinced that it’s not really a question of selling our wooden products, but rather the added value that the class, elegance, design and comfort that our products bring to our clients’ architectural and decoration projects.

For us, adapting ourselves perfectly to the design of a project is an essential requirement. That is why we are committed to innovation and to continue our quest to find wood-based architectural solutions for the creation of warm and comfortable spaces.


What’s left to say about quality? However, at Prodema we are particularly sensitive to this concept, as we are aware of how demanding our clients are and, above all, how demanding our clients’ clients are. For that reason we make twice the effort. We understand quality to be an intrinsic part of the product as well as the service we offer.

Prodema has a management system certified with the ISO 9001 standard.

Certificates and warranties

Prodema, as part of its philosophy of constant improvement, relies on internationally renowned external companies to certify its products and processes.
Prodema is registered with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 on Quality Management.
  • ISO 14001 on the Environment.
  • Chain of Custody of forest products according to the PEFC on request for ProdEX panels.
  • ISO 14006 in ECOdesign. Product life cycle analysis (LCA) applied to all stages from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the life cycle.
Certificados de calidad


ProdEX meets the requirements of standard EN 438 and has the following product / construction system certificates:

  • AVIS TECHNIQUE from the CSTB (France).
  • ZULASSUNG from the DITB (Germany).
  • DIT Plus (Spain).
  • NFPA 285 de INTERTEK US (United States).
  • CAN S134 de INTERTEK C (Canada).

ProdEX's excellent features have been tested in prestigious laboratories, the following stand out:

  • Reaction to fire: EN-13501
  • Graffiti resistance: ASTM D 6578

Prodema carries out a comprehensive quality control on ProdEX material and offers a 10-year warranty* for this product.
* The general warranty conditions may be changed without prior notice.

For those panels that are not installed vertically, the warranty will be reduced to 5 years, due to the fact that the surface may age faster as a consequence of the greater angle of incidence of the solar radiation and due to the fact that rainwater may remain on the surface.

Social Responsibility

At Prodema we love wood, because it is our life and livelihood. This is why, apart from strictly meeting all international standards, we have also launched a plan that we have called “Friends with nature” in which we will heighten our support for all matters related to sustainable forest management.

This is why Prodema’s products are manufactured in accordance with the most rigorous environmental requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 14.001 and UNE-EN ISO 14.006 standards for ECOdesign management, which means continuous improvement throughout the product life cycle to reduce environmental impact.

In addition, upon request, ProdEX panels can be requested with PEFC certificates which guarantee that the wood and other products of wood origin used to manufacture the ProdEX panels are from forests that are managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Healthy architecture

New warm and comfortable area that improve
the life quality of its inhabitants.

The impact of buildings on our physical and mental well being has been proven. The greater the sum of an area's sensorial and extra-sensorial well being the healthier the area.

At Prodema, as leaders in wood products for both indoor and outdoor, we develop solutions for a kind of architecture that is healthier in every way:

  • Allowing for better air circulation by applying a ventilated façade based solution.
  • Creating environments that are free of aggressive agents as we are dealing with a 100% natural product.
  • Allowing for improved sound insulation.
  • Allowing for improved sound insulation.
  • Making new colours such as mint available to architects; for the design of buildings with a greener and more natural image, to achieve the greatest possible integration of the building into its environment and to evoke areas which are less urban, wilder and more idyllic.

And above all, creating warm and comfortable areas that improve the life quality of its inhabitants.