East Village

Badaro St, Beirut

On Badaro street, Beirut, we find this wonderful building awarded with the El Asia Architecture Award 2015 (Residencial Caregory). Inside we find an exclusive American restaurant called East Village, a place that some cultural guides such as Secrets Of Beirut has dubbed as a "restaurant for people who know how to spend their money on quality food".

This 10-floor building is another example of contrasts between cultures and forms, where the Prodema ProdEX wood is the bridge which links harmonically modern and avant-garde style of the structure with the naturalness of the Lebanese gardens.

East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_4 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_1 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_2 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_3 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_5 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_6 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_7 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_8 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_9 - PRODEX, Rustik East_Village_Prodema_ProdEX_8mm_Rustik_10 - PRODEX, Rustik