L'Auditorium de Rezé

2 avenue de Bretagne - 44400 Rezé

Rezé Auditorium is a project designed by the prestigious french architect and engineer @rudyricciotti in Rezé, a small town outside Nantes. The building is made out of more than 5,000 m3 of concrete coated with Prodema’s natural wood panels and it’s designed on three levels for a total area of 1,200 m2. Its main stay is the concert hall equipped with 299 seats -of which seven are places for people with reduced mobility-, a modular stage with a width between 12 and 16 meters (depending on the chosen configuration), an 11-meter depth proscenium and a height that goes from 6 meters in the frame to 7 under the perch. The stage can accommodate up to 80 singers and 55 musicians. The quality of the sound during the performances has been described as exceptional, with the same acoustics perceived in the first and last row of seats in the concert hall.

In the words of Clarisse Crouigneau, architects in charge of the follow-up of the work, “the auditorium is a box of wooden musical instruments. Its rounded copper corners, like cabochons, recall that box concept. It’s like entering a jeweler”. 

La_Soufflerie_Auditorium_Rezé_1 - Prodex, Dark Brown La_Soufflerie_Auditorium_Rezé_2 - Prodex, Dark Brown La_Soufflerie_Auditorium_Rezé_3 - Prodex, Dark Brown La_Soufflerie_Auditorium_Rezé_4 - Prodex, Dark Brown La_Soufflerie_Auditorium_Rezé_5 - Prodex, Dark Brown