Surry Hills Library and Community Centre

405 Crown St,Surry Hills NSW 2010,Australia

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre is located in an inner-city suburb of Sydney and it houses a library/resource centre, a community centre and a childcare centre all integrated into one building and accessible by all the residents. Accessibility, openness, transparency and sustainability were key factors when designing the project for which @fjmtstudio chose Prodema natural wood panels to combine with the metal and glass as the building's main components, as it would happen again in later experiences between both organizations.

Surry_Hills_Library_ProdEX_10mm._Pale_1 - Prodex, Pale Surry_Hills_Library_ProdEX_10mm._Pale_2 - Prodex, Pale Surry_Hills_Library_ProdEX_10mm._Pale_3 - Prodex, Pale Surry_Hills_Library_ProdEX_10mm._Pale_4 - Prodex, Pale Surry Hills Library ProdEX 10mm. Pale panels 5 - Prodex, Pale