York House School

  • Architect: Acton Ostry
  • Year: 2013
  • Product: Prodex
  • Color: Pale
  • LocationSee Map
  • Photo: Michael Elkan

York House School Vancouver, BC Canada

York House Senior School is a Canadian awarded building designed by @actonostry that was finished in 2013. Located in Vancouver, the senior school is the first construction you find at the entry point to the greater York House campus and is made of textured concrete, glass, limestone and wood. Its exterior roof, facade and louvers are cladded with Prodema natural wood panels providing the building a warmth that contrasts with the coldness of the glass and the concrete. The senior school includes classrooms, administrative offices, service spaces and social and study areas spread throughout the facility.

A project carried out thanks to the expertise of @sound.solutions.inc

These are the prizes with which the project has been awarded to this day:


Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Award
Architizer A+ Awards Special Mention
World Architecture News Awards Long List


Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Award


City of Vancouver Urban Design Awar

York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_1 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_2 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_3 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_4 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_5 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_6 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_7 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_8 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_9 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_10 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_11 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_12 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_13 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_14 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_15 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_16 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_17 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_18 - Prodex, Pale York_House_School_Prodema_ProdEX_Pale_19 - Prodex, Pale