Concealed soffit fastening with hanging hooks

This installation system is removable and it is available for 5/16” (8 mm) thick panels.

These are the available subframe and items for the installation: screws (screw for the hanging hooks, leveling screw, fixing screw), hanging hooks, horizontal guide rail, J and Hat channels, L channels and wall brackets.

These are installation requirements:

    • The distance from the hanging hook to the edge of the panel must be as recommended on ProdEX technical catalogue.
    • This system requires supporting points every 24” (600 mm).
    • In pieces wider than 12” (300 mm) 3 supporting points are required in every sense.
    • Use the following items for their purpose:

The leveling screw. Insert the leveling screw to align the panels at the top of the panel.

The fixing screw. Fix one hanging hook to the horizontal guide rail using a fixing screw.

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